The Difference Between Working For A Translation Agency Vs. A Freelance Translator Career

The Difference Between Working For A Translation Agency Vs. A Freelance Translator Career

If you are considering becoming a translator, this is an excellent move. However, there are different kinds of translator positions that you can have. After all, every industry is unique. In this blog post, we’ll explore the difference between being employed at a translation agency vs freelance translation.

That way, you can make a better decision about which choice might be better for your career. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Benefits Of Being A Translator


Everybody wants to have the freedom to do what they want on their own terms. When you’re a translator, you can work from home, you can work at the office, or you can work while traveling. Ultimately, you have freedom to do your work how you want to.


Translation is very in demand — which brings some great wages, among other benefits. Whether you’re working for large businesses, small businesses, government organizations, or any other kind of client, the pay is pretty good.

So you’ll have great short-term and long-term job prospects when it comes to supporting yourself financially.

It’s Rewarding

Who doesn’t love learning about new cultures and languages? If you’re someone who considers yourself interested in international dynamics, then you’ll love being a translator.

Translation Agency Vs Freelance Translator

Both working as a freelancer and working for an agency can be excellent choices when you’re a translator. But let’s talk about some of the primary differences when considering being a freelance translator vs agency employment.

Freelance Translator

When you’re a freelance translator, you’re actually considered self-employed. In a way, you can think of yourself as running your own business.

Everything from getting new clients, to completing your work, to tracking your results, will be on your plate in your plate holder. Of course, you’ll have professional contacts. You may work with project managers or other stakeholders within your client’s companies.

That being said, you’re ultimately responsible and in charge of your workday. In fact, instead of having one client, you may have several clients.

Working As A Translator At An Agency

As opposed to being a freelance translator, when you work within an agency, you’re likely an employee instead of a contractor or a business owner.

You won’t have as much control over your daily workflow or schedule, but that being said, you won’t have to hunt for new clients all the time. You’ll likely only have that one client at the agency that gives you work on your plate.

Therefore, there’s less thinking needed in terms of ensuring that you’re going to have enough work to get paid adequately. In addition to that, you may have additional benefits such as health insurance, office amenities, and more.

Some agencies require their translators to work in person, so flexibility may be a downside of agencies. Of course, every company is different.

Become The Best Translator You Can Today

When it comes to becoming a better translator, you need certification for translation. This will qualify you for more positions. It will also help expand your potential client pool.

Whether you want to be a freelancer or work for an agency, showing that you have the proper training is paramount.

That’s not to mention the fact that you need the skill sets for yourself in the first place. So go to now and equip yourself with the right knowledge.