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CTP Overview

CTP Overview

The Certified Translation Professional (CTP) is a leading accredited certification program designed exclusively for those professionals who want to work in the translation industry. Being the leading company we have 2,400 trusted CTP designation holders within this space and another 29,000 member Group.  This  course is modeled after many online courses offered by Ivy League institutions. The CTP Designation is a self-study program and the exam is administered online from your place of work or home. Through out this course  you will also learn how to avoid common mistakes while working in the field as well as how to start your own Translation Company. The course is Based on the Translator Training Text Book. As such students are tested on their knowledge of the book along with their translation skill in order to earn their designation.  The CTP provides the translators with the capabilities to gain qualifications and credibility in the translation industry. 

How it Works

Step 1. Register for the Program

Step 2. Read The Translator Training Textbook, Listen to the Audio Interviews, and watch the video modules.

Step 3. Use the Study Guide and Practice Exam to study for the Test

Step4. Once you feel confident and ready schedule and complete the online test. Use the Exam Info Button at the top to schedule your exam. 

Step 5. Pass your Test and Earn the CTP Designation and start working as a Certified Translator.

41 Video Modules (Sample)

11 Audio Interviews with Expert Translators (Sample)

Translator Stamp and Certificate

Required Reading


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