Exam Process

How the Exam Looks

The exam consists of:

  • 80 multiple choice/true-false questions
  • 2 short response questions
  • 2 short passage translation questions: English to language pair and language pair to English

Exam Time and Duration

The exam will open up for 24 hours on the date of your exam. Once you start the exam, you will have 3 hours to complete the full exam.

Grading and Certification

To pass the exam and become a certified translator, you must make at least 80% on the exam. Once you have taken your exam, we will email you the results within 30 days. If you pass, your certificate and stamp (if you pre-ordered) will be attached in the same email as your results.

If you are using the subscription plan, your full balance must be paid off before we can send you your certificate. Contact support if you wish to pay off the balance early and get your certificate.

In the event you do not meet the 80% grade to pass, you can register to retake the exam at the next available exam date for $99. You can retake the exam as many times as you want, however, you must pay the retake fee every time.

Comments from our translators who grade the exam will be provided detailing what you need to work on for the retake if you do not pass.

If you did well on the multiple choice and short response but struggled on the translation portion of the exam, you will be asked to register for the translation-only retake of the exam. This special version of the exam keeps your grades from the other parts of the previous exam you took, and then combines them with your new translation retake answers.

Exam Policy

We do not send you back the exam upon passing or failing. Plagiarizing found in short response answers will result in no points given for those questions.