The Translator Training Textbook


You have the option to purchase the PDF textbook, the audio Mp3 version, or both. This is the required reading for the CTP Practice Test.


The Translator Training Textbook by Adriana Tassini is the only required reading for the Certified Translation Professional (CTP) Program. This book supplements the 50 instructional video modules and 10 expert audio interviews that you get as a member within the CTP designation program.  This book is 315 pages long and contains information on translation fundamentals, industry best practices, ethics, frequently asked questions, career advice, and strategies for building your own translation business.


The book is currently available in paperback, audio book, and PDF. The paperback version costs $69.99 and the audio book and PDF versions costs $49.99 each. If you would like to purchase the audio book and PDF versions together that package costs $67.99.

If you wish to buy the paperback version through an owned online bookstore called CreateSpace please click here or order through directly by clicking here.

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