Who Needs Translation Services?

Who Needs Translation Services?

Companies today realize that they need translation services. This wasn’t the case several years ago because globalization was not yet in full swing.

But with the digital age taking the world by storm, translation has become even more important than ever. Therefore, we are seeing additional industries begin to have a need for translators.

If you are considering taking a course for translators, then it’s helpful to know which industries you might want to prepare for the most. Let’s explore some of the specific types of companies that need translation services today.

Reasons A Company Would Hire A Translator

There are several reasons a company might want to have a translator on staff today, including:


Long gone are the days when your website was only seen by a small number of people in a local market. Today, it’s likely that you have visitors from all around the globe.

This, of course, means that you need to adapt your webpage to be readable in various languages. For instance, you might have your primary website in English. However, you still need a Spanish, French, or Russian version.

Additionally, social media has seen a meteoric rise. That means that people may be sharing links to your website on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Companies need translators so they don’t lose all this valuable potential traffic.

Cultural Reasons

There are different standards for different cultures. In fact, each local origin may have a unique way of phrasing something.

This is also referred to as localization. In other words, the way a Spanish speaker, for instance, says something in Mexico may differ from Puerto Rico.

Governmental Relations

Without translators, the world would come to a screeching halt. Translators allow governments to work together in harmony. It’s a part of a well functioning geopolitical landscape.

Of course, these only scratch the surface. That being the case, let’s take a look at the specific kinds of companies looking for translators:

Companies That Need Translators

So who needs translators? It turns out the following companies need translation services more than ever:

Legal Services

Legal firms often help immigrants with their immigration or other matters. However, the language barrier can often be a challenge. For this reason, translators are often brought in to help the process go smoother.

Additionally, incorporating businesses in different languages requires at least one translator, if not a team.

Healthcare Industry

Receiving the proper medical care can literally be a matter of life or death. Manuals, patient records, protected information, and other data must be translated properly. This allows patients to understand medication guidelines, procedures, and more.

Community Entities

Non-profit organizations and community-based companies need professional translation skills. Many times, these entities are reaching people who are from other countries.

As such, these underserved communities may not have had the time or resources to learn English or the language of their host country yet.

Get Certified Today

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