Who Needs Translation Services Today?

Who Needs Translation Services Today?

If you’re considering becoming a translator, then you’re in the right place. The need for translation services has never been higher. With the increasing globalization of the world, businesses, organizations, and communities need people who are multilingual.

That being said, you need to know how to navigate the waters of this industry in order to have an effective career. One of the first aspects is understanding who uses translation services in the first place.

So let’s break that down in this blog post so you can have a better understanding of how to grow your skill set and career.

What Is Translation?

Translation is taking one text and transferring it into a second language or target language. Sometimes translation is directly changing the words to the new language.

Other times, concepts like localization come into play. This is where you need to reword the original text in order to include slang, local idioms or cultural information.

The Benefits Of Translation

There are several benefits to being a translator:

Learn About New Cultures

If you’re a worldly person, then there’s no better way to learn about new cultures than by being a translator. Language is the pathway to any city, state, or country.

So when you’re learning about history, culture, and local nuances, it expands your inner world.

It’s A Great Career

Being a translator gives you a lot of job security. People will always need translation, interpretation, and localization services.

After all, the world is not going to start speaking one language everywhere anytime soon. So you can rest assured that if you go through the time and effort to become a great translator, it’ll pay off in spades.


Translators enjoy great lifestyles. You can work for a large multinational corporation, private clients, or communities in need. Whether your goals are primarily financial or altruistic, you can make it happen.

And you won’t have to worry about anyone taking your job in the next couple of years like many other industries are facing.

Who Uses Translation Services?

A variety of individuals and organizations need translating. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.


Whether you’re translating for an e-commerce website, Fortune 500 company, or a small startup, they need translation services. After all, why only sell your products in one market when you can expand all across the globe?

Therefore, one of the biggest bottlenecks to business growth is being able to reach new clients. If you can help them achieve this, you’ll be rewarded handsomely in terms of your salary or hourly rate.

In essence, the right question isn’t what companies need translators, but rather which company doesn’t.

Government Organizations

Governments must communicate with each other somehow. If the government of Thailand wants to communicate with the government of the United Kingdom, how do they make that happen? They use translators, of course.

Therefore, translators are an essential lubricant in any kind of geopolitical matter. From helping negotiate peace treaties, to economic pacts, to investing in sustainable energy, your services are incredibly valuable.


There are several communities across the globe that are looking to expand their access to education, resources, and cultural enhancement. If you can be the bridge between the local community and a bigger language such as English, you can provide immense value.

You can help those in need increase their access to global resources in a time where it’s never been more important to do so.

How To Become A Translator

Becoming a translator isn’t as simple as showing up and claiming you speak two languages. Let’s take a look at the top characteristics you need to have.


Being bilingual or multilingual, such as speaking three languages or more, is incredibly important.

However, this simply qualifies you at a minimum level. It’s necessary but not sufficient. So, consider taking foreign language courses, immersing yourself in another country, otherwise training yourself to learn a new language.

Dedication And Professionalism

The best ability is availability. If you’re known for not responding to clients or not delivering work on time, then it will hurt your reputation.

So, before you become a translator, make sure you’re dedicated to providing excellent work within deadlines.

Training And Certification

You wouldn’t go to a doctor that didn’t graduate medical school. The same thing applies to the translation industry.

Someone wants to hire a translator who’s been certified already. By getting certification, you show employers that you have the necessary skills and discipline to perform the job at a high level. It also means that you have greater confidence during your interviews.

Become A Better Translator Today

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There’s no better way to access the expanding translation services market. Once you’re certified, any career path that you want will be possible for you.