Transcreation Vs Translation: Key Differences

Transcreation Vs Translation: Key Differences

Translating and transcreation are two similar concepts, but what’s the difference between translation and transcreation? After all, there are a lot of buzzwords out there.

But it depends on what you want to do. So in this article we’ll talk about these different subfields of the translation market. That way you can choose the best one for your career goals after getting your translating certificate.

Transcreation Vs Translation: What Are They?

When it comes to translation vs transcreation, we first need some definitions for reference.

What is translation?

Translation is conveying text with the most accurate and precise meaning possible for a target audience in a different language than the original content.

What is transcreation?

Transcreation is taking text and then adapting it. You may use creativity to make it more appropriate for the new audience. This might mean adding or removing or changing the original source content from the original language.

The Difference Between Transcreation And Translation

Without further ado, let’s get into the difference between translation and transcreation. Ultimately, with translation, you’re trying to be the most precise translator possible. In other words, you want to translate almost word for word from the source.

Therefore, being accurate is more important than adding any kind of meaning. Of course, you’ll have to take cultural differences into account.

But transcreation does this to an even greater extent. With transcreation, you’re truly taking the audience’s preferences in mind. You may also consider the essence of the brand you’re working with.

The ultimate goal is to communicate a certain kind of meaning. Therefore, you might not have to follow the initial text word for word or sentence for sentence. So let’s talk about some of the primary differences of transcreation from translation:


As a transcreator, you’re essentially a copywriter. That means you’re trying to persuade an audience with the message. You’re not simply repeating technical text. There are a few tips for being a better transcreator.

Let’s talk about some of the four concepts of copywriting:


You have to get attention with any kind of copywriting. As a transcreator, you need to make your message compelling. That means a headline and a beginning paragraph that really hooks the reader in.


You need to add details, facts, and colorful examples in your text. This keeps the person reading after the first initial sentence or so.


Ultimately, a brand copywriter or transcreator is working to sell a product or a service. You may even be selling an idea. Therefore, you have to create comparisons between different alternatives. You have to make your solution sound more exciting than anything else.


Whereas typical translation, simply translate the text word for word, transcreation is about inspiring people to take action. This might be signing up for an email list, joining a nonprofit organization, or purchasing a product.

Let’s look at some additional distinctions:

Accuracy and precision

Whereas translation is geared towards the most accurate and precise version possible, transcreation is a little bit different. Sure, you need to stick true to the original message.

However, you have a lot more creativity in the exact words or phrases that you use. You may even go off script a lot of times in order to put your desired content into the right frame.

Time and cost

Sometimes you can earn more money being a transcreator. You may be able to do SEO, copywriting, advertising campaigns, and more.

Sometimes these are more closely related with revenue generating projects. For that reason, you may be able to earn more as a transcreator than simply being a translator.

Become A Translator Or Transcreator Today

The difference between translation and transcreation is important, but the most important thing to realize is that getting a translating certificate will open you up to both potential paths.

So don’t waste any time leveling up your knowledge. Get the right training and support that you need at That way you have your pick of options when it comes to your translation career.