A Typical Working Day As A Professional Translator

Below is a short video our team just produced which provides an overview of what a typical working day and typical responsibilities are for a professional translator.  This video is part of our Translator Training Video Platform series being produced as a part of the resources we provide to participants within our online translation training and certification program. – The Global Translation Institute (GTI) Team

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I hope everyone enjoys this video resource about a typical working day while working as a professional translator.

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Many thanks for creating a truthful attempt to give an explanation for this. I think very sturdy about it and wish to nkwo more. If it’s OK, as you find out extra in depth knowledge, could you mind posting extra posts similar to this one with extra guidelines?

Thank you for this video! It was very interesting.

I never found such explanations as interesting as yours. Thanks to your helpful training My knowledge in the fild of translation grows each day. Once again Tank you

Totally relevant, and I would like to remark what was said, “Back up your files” because you won’t really miss them until you lose them.

Very interesting and practical, especially concerning time management that includes all essential tasks and goals of a professional translator on a day to day basis.