Translator Certificate PDF


You can preorder the certificate and stamp today. You will receive them both after completing the program, or you can purchase them after you pass.

We send you a digital certification so that you can take it to print. For example, you may print on parchment paper using a laser printer. The certificate is sent to you digitally to certify your document.

The stamp is personalized with your Full Name and Certified Translator Designation number, unique to you. The stamp allows you to easily leave your mark on any translation work, proving you are a Certified Translator. This is a digital stamp that you can use to certify your work and join the CTP Family.

If you have questions, reach out to our team at 305-677-3327 or email


Certified Translation Professional (CTP) AlumniĀ are sent the following PDF certificate for free after successfully completing our timed and graded online examination: