How to Brand Yourself as an Expert Translator

The following video provides detailed advice on how to brand yourself as an expert translator. The translation industry rewards those who are good at positioning and marketing themselves and this video module will provide you with specific tangible steps you can take to improve your skills within this area. (Click to Download MP4)


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This is my first time om your site and I am more than pleased to find such an extensive aid. I cannot discribe this feeling of pride which I have missed for some years now. It is a feeling of pride to somehow be a part of a serious and high quality institution as I am getting the impression the CTP is. I congratulate you on this succesful and respect demanding work.

This video has made a particular impression on me. it was as the teacher was speaking in front of me . I also could imagine her expression when she said ” Don’t sit on your lourels” . That’s great

The truth is, we human beings never stop learning, and THIS is particularly true and alive in translation. If someone claims they know it all, they just don’t.

I am proud of being a member of the CTP team that urges me to learn constantly .