How Much To Charge When You Start Working As a Translator

The video module answers the common question that our team answers regarding what you should charge when you start out working as a translator.  This video should be very helpful to those of you who are trying to determine what your rate should be set at. (Download this Video in MP4 Format)



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I enjoyed and have agreed all the points expressed in the video. I think the more less will be the income the more satisfied will be the client , especially at the beginning of the trnslator’s career. It doesn’t matter if it will pass one,two years without receive any income. It will be the time necessary to improve own’s skills. The only thing important is do the work and do it well.

I, too, agree with all the points made. I would also like to add that I think true knowledge of the source language is multiplied when the translator actually lives/has lived in the country. Unfortunately this is not always taken into account. So often agencies/clients look for a university degree first and pay higher rates to these translators.