Ethics for Translators

The video below provides some guidelines and ethical considerations for the translation industry. This is an important topic as your personal name and brand within the industry is all you have, you need to protect by always acting ethically while keeping the long-term consequences of your actions always in mind. (Click to Download MP4)


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I think these kind of tips are crucial. Although they are obvious you not always bear them in mind!

As a translator you got to have these ethics sink in you, then you can be sure of delivering an outstanding piece of work and thereby multiplying your chances of more work/clients.
This is one of the video i will listen over and over again.

Everyone who would like to be a translator would find these ponts absolutely enlightening especially those regarding ethics. I enjoyed them very much. Once again congratulation.

Being ethical is a must in our line of work. Like somebody once said, “A translator has to be as confidential as a catholic priest in confession.”

Being a translator or an interpreter you need to stick to the ethics and the principles of the profession.

Very practical and useful information.

Translation is not just a job, it’s a behaviour.