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Terms and condition

GTI Certification Designation Usage Policy of CTP logo

The Global Translation Institution accredits the CTP in offering an exam to test student’s competency in translation. Passing the exam and earning their designation as a Certified Translation Professional (CTP). Upon completion of the course and earning this designation you are able to demonstrate that you are a professional in the industry. This will not only show your competence but enhance your growth in the industry through the certifying translation school.

Who can use the CT designation?

Candidates who passed the CTP certification exam are entitled to use the designation CTP designation after their names.

For example:
Jane Doe, CTP

GTI-Certified Translators may also refer to their certification on or in connection with resumes, cards, stationery, websites, advertisements, professional literature, and the like. The CTP designation may not be used in a misleading, inaccurate, fraudulent, or illegal manner, or for other improper purposes.

The CTP designation must be:

  • In capital letters;
  • In type or lettering no larger than that of the designated member’s name
  • Set solid without a period or space after each letter of the designation.


The CTP designation should include the language pair and direction.

Where possible, the language pair(s) and direction(s) of the certification should be provided to most accurately reflect the certification.

For example:
Susan James, CTP (Spanish <>English)

Susan James, CTP (English <>Spanish)

Susan James, CTP (English<>Spanish, English<>French, English<> Portuguese)
Jane Doe, Certified Professional Translator from Spanish <>English


The CTP designation is owned by GTI.

Any improper use of the CTP designation is subject to review and approval by GTI. The association also reserves the right to take legal or other action to protect its rights in the event of any unauthorized or impermissible use of the CTP designation.

The CTP Digital Seal uses.
adriana-stampAny improper usage of the CTP seal is subject to legal action by the GTI. The Association reserves the right to remove and revoke any misconduct or misrepresentation of the seal.

All rights and authority are approved by the Global Translation Institute.